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IEprincessLut 40 / 女
"Not looking for Mr. Right! Now Mr. Wrong is always welcome though!"
Temecula, 加利福尼亞, 美國
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加利福尼亞, 美國
IEprincessLut 40/女
Temecula, California
Headed to an adult theater in San Diego called hilite books… whose gonna surprise me ?
HI, My name is Crystal. and I am a slut, seeking a slutaholic.A slutaholic is defined as a person who is addicted to being slutty! If you are looking for a fun sized, smart mouthed, clever, quick witted,sexually submissive, well mannered, rebellious little slut, you have found the right girl!I beg for your attention and thank you for it before you go,Mistaking my sluttiness for stupidity, is a huge indiscretion. I have a mind and a mouth and I use both frequently. . . I am a straight nymphomaniac. I am an apprentice of Occult Arts and have been studying Sex Manifesting and sex Magic. I am always thinking about sex. I am always willing.. I cannot keep my fucking legs closed for the life of me! I am just keeping it real. I am not sure if I intentionally put myself in situations that I imagine turning into amazing porn, or if I just think about sex so much to the point of making everything I do in my daily life sexual. Being a selfproclaimed slut is not always easy. People like to slut shame. Its no fault of their own. Some folks are good at sex. Some folks are not. Myself, as it turns out, am really very good at sex. I fully believe in the law of attraction. Like attracts like. So I gravitate towards other sluts. I love being slutty, with other slutminded people, who are intellectually open and educated , with the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation and are not ashamed of being sluts too. Im a smart slut! Know what else I amA good little cock sucker. ..All women ARE COCK SUCKERSWE ARE ALL Every, one of us, is hungry and eager to deepthroat. True story right thereFor the record, I will never turn down the challenge of fitting your cock as deep down my little throat as you can. . Women like to to see how long we can hold our breath while our lips are tightly wrapped around a long hard dick. Each one of us having goals we set the first time we fuck. My goal is to stick my tongue out and lick your balls.Im not sure what makes my pussy so wet about gagging and choking, but it is nonetheless, fucking hot!I ultimately just want to be filled with cum. .. . in all three holes . . . . And all at once. . Not asking too much, is itI am attracted to older men. I do not have daddy issues. Maybe I have one that he never gives me money. THIS NEXT PART IS SO IMPORTANT. Pay attention! I AM NOT LOOKING FOR LOVE HERE! SO DONOT WASTE MY TIME PLEASE! EMOTIONS RUIN GREAT SEX! SO CHECK YOUR FEELINGS AT THE DOOR. Sex IS WHY IM HERE. ITS WHY YOURE HERE TOO. I CAN NOT STAND TO BE AROUND EXCUSE MAKERS. Quit blaming everyone else AND LETS MOVE ON. Liars and time wasters are time stealers. I have no time for backstabbers, or Game Players. We are not in high school.If you are here discreetly, because you are married, then you better make sure that your lies to your wives are iron clad. I very rarely tell lies. If I receive random texts from your wifegirlfriend, out of respect for myself, I will not lie to cover your ass! So Id expect you to have your bases covered in order to avoid that drama! I totally do not wear panties anymore. I quit wearing them after the last time I spent in county jail. Ive been a very bad girl.Please do not try to pretend that are in love to get in my pants. I hustle so I need to be around hustlers!You can not do epic shit with basic people.Also,I do not want a sissy sniveling, possessive or jealous little bitch! So you must Hold your own. Responsibility is sexy as fuck!If you dont have your own spot, be able to get a hotel room, at the very least,It is Imperative that you have your own vehicle.I have my own also. It would be beneficial to be mechanically inclined. Just saying. Looking for PNP right now. I go fastIan so extremely bored with life. I need new adventures!I love being outdoors, hiking, boating, fishing, off roading, Gambling, shopping, hanging by the pool or siting In the hot tub NakedGambling..Gamblingand gambling!

I want to get trapped in an elevator or broken down on the
side of a dark road with the guys from the office. After hours
of boredom we start playing sex games. I quickly become
the center of attention, and get used by every one of them.....

雲霄飛車., 海灘., 行駛中的運輸工具.(例如.汽車), 公園的中央., 一架飛機., 一個偏僻黑暗的小巷., 一間電影院., 在運動比賽的觀眾席., 一個偏僻荒涼的地方., 在一個瀑布底下., 辦公桌上., 我父母前的草地, 在游泳池或熱水澡桶., 商店的更衣間中., 一個電梯., 一間旅館房間., 非特定場所., 任何地方.


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  • 40 / 女性
  • Temecula, 加利福尼亞, 美國
尋找:  男性, 女性, 伴侶(男人和女人) 或者 團體
生日: 1984年 3月 4日
移居他處?: 或許/是
婚姻狀況: 單身
身高: 5 ft 2 in / 157-160 cm
吸煙: 我是個輕微/社交抽煙者
飲酒: 我是位輕微/社交飲酒者
嗑藥: 我有嗑藥習慣
教育程度: 大學生
職業: slut
種族: 白人
宗教: 異教
罩杯尺寸: 36─91 A
說: 英語
頭髮顏色: 白色
頭髮長度: 短髮
眼睛顏色: 籃色
眼鏡或隱形眼鏡: 眼鏡